Succession Planning

As The Duchossois Group has evolved over 102 years, so has its governance. 

A few years after Craig Duchossois took over management of his family’s business, he had to confront the recession that resulted from the stock market crash in October 1987.

“Every single one of our major business units had a reversal,” says Duchossois, chairman and CEO of  The Duchossois Group Inc., based in Chicago. His reaction during the crisis, he recalls, was, “I’m in deep trouble.”

By Barbara Spector

Private and family-owned companies are the backbone of the American economy, and their prosperity drives the country’s fiscal health.

William Randolph HearstEmployment policies make good business sense

By April Hall

How a more effective board of directors can help a family business prepare for the future.


Almost a decade ago, two McDonald’s Corporation CEOs died within nine months of each other. Last year, the CEO of Deloitte Israel tragically lost his life in a plane crash. Unfortunately, such tragic events occur more often than you might think. A study conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business found that approximately seven CEOs of public traded companies die each year.